String Ball Lampshades

Hi. To start of my début as a blogger, I thought I would show you my most recent craft, two string ball lampshades!


Here are the recently made lampshades, hanging from the roof of my bedroom.

I used the website tutorial on Crafted Love, and it worked really well!

The only things I would warn you about is the cornstarch and glue mix mentioned. When I made mine, I added to much cornstarch (about 3/4 cup) and the mixture was grainy and you could still feel it when it was dry. Its not obvious, but up close you can see it. I also had to much glue on my string when i wrapped it around so at the end, the excess glue had dripped to the bottom of the balloon and created a big splodge. So not to much glue! In addition, I used glad wrap, instead of Vaseline, and it worked well, only as mentioned above, the glue dripped to the bottom of the balloon and I was afraid of breaking it because it was stuck to the glad wrap. I still came off though, so its fine!

There you go!

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