Paint Chip Mosaics

First Official Tutorial : Paint Chip Mosaics


What you need

–          An art book or two pieces of plain paper

–          Mod Podge (Or any other PVA glue) *

–          Paint Brush *

–          Pencil

–          Separate piece of paper, in another colour.

–          Paint chips (I used 5 different colours. (you can go more than 5, but I wouldn’t go any less.)

–          Sissors.

(* Not Pictured. Sorry!)

Here’s What to do


Step 1:Fold the piece in half, then up at the bottom, to and sides to create a rectangle with a line running through it like above.


Step 2: Fold the paper In half then draw half a heart, staying in the rectangle that you have made.


Step 3: Cut the shape out and re-open the folded piece of paper. You now have your stencil.


Step 4: Place your stencil on your piece of paper or art book page, and draw around the inside. Then repeat on the second page.


Step 5: Cut up your paint chips into random shapes. Be sure to get rid of the pieces with writing or holes in it. (You can keep them if you want some added character!)


Step 6: Paint the inside of the shape on the second page with glue and place the pieces inside the shape. Don’t worry if they don’t quite fit, it doesn’t have to be perfect. It can go over the edges.


Step 7: Continue until you have filled the whole shape.


Step 8: Turn the page or grab your other piece of paper, and cut out the centre of the heart.


Step 9: Paint the inside of the heart with mod podge or glue to give an extra gloss and protection to guarantee that the pieces won’t fall off.


Step 10: Paint around the pieces on the second page with glue then line the first page up, with the heart and stick down.

You are finished!

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