Drawing Delirium

Hope you are all having a good week!

Lately, I have been looking through other blogs made by people my age, and to say I am impressed would be an understatement!

People are so talented!

Recently, I have been inspired by Jess from The Famous Jess and and Arielle at Spaceship to Infinity.

Their art is amazing, so naturally I thought I would do some sketching myself. I especially like to use watercolour paints, because they are easier to blend, but I like using black and white acrylics. Conveniently, I had decided to do some art for my wide reading assignment at school (We have to read a book from a certain genre then do a project or write a response about it.) Our genre is speculative fiction, and I chose to do Delirium by Lauren Oliver. (Link to the book here)


It is set in a world where love is considered a disease. It is quite good and I would recommend it to anyone.

Here are my artworks. ( I just have to do a bit of finelineing.)


This is is the scene that stuck with me the most after closed the book. This is Alex, the boy the main character, Lena, falls in love with.


This is my portrait of Lena, the main character. I am happy with it especially the hair, but I’m not sure about the eyes.


This is probably my favourite character in the story, Grace. I think she is sort of an unseen hero, since she helped Lena escape at the end of the book.

Hope you like these!

As a final say, I found this on Tumblr and I think tit has a good message. Think about it!


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