Turn simple twigs into a great hanging mobile!


I was looking around Pintrest, getting inspired, when this came to mind. I hadn’t seen a picture, I honestly have no idea where the idea came from!

Anyway, here’s how to make a hanging mobile out of twigs and string!

You Will Need

  • Twigs
  • Scissors
  • Embroidery floss (you can use any type of string, floss, cord out there! Be creative!)
  • Mod Podge (optional)

Here’s how to do it!


1. Chose your two thickest sticks and tie them together until firm. It will take a lot of string! (see below)


2. Chose your best sticks (no thin, easy to snap ones) and your embroidery floss. I chose to go for blues and greens, but you can go for any colour of the rainbow. Image

3. Start with a knot at the start of each stick. Then wrap it in any which way, making each one unique.


4. These are the patterns I did. They do take a little while to get done.


5. Now, connect all your twigs to the crossed twigs you prepared at the start. Make sure to tie them in the middle, so that the are balanced. I used a white string, to match my walls, so it would look like the twigs were floating in mid-air. Also try to get opposite ends to be at an equal weight, or the mobile will be lopsided. I also added extra twigs, since I had more than for branches. (see diagram below.)


Don’t you love my little diagram?


6. Tie some extra string into a tight loop (above) with extra string still hanging down, then tie it to the centre of your mobile. This will be what you hang the mobile from.

You are finished! Hang it from a hook on the ceiling, or outside too.

Well, I hope you like it. Remember, be creative!



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