My Week


I have just come back from a four day camp out in the bush, in tents, with no toilets or showers, and we had to hike and go mountain biking and surfing and canoeing. The highlight of it all was probably the surfing. I even stood up 3 times! (For a few seconds, but it still counts!) Altogether,  I’m tired!


I had the day off school today, in order to recuperate, and I’ve been doing a bit of DIY. I made some glowing jars for my room (tutorial here)


(So sorry for the bad photo quality!)

Also, my wardrobe finally came, so I can finally fill it! Its really good quality, and my mum had it before me and it is still in perfect working condition after about 10 years!


(made by Ballarat Furniture Company)

I am really glad Halloween’s over, cos I was a bit sick of all the Halloween DIY’s on Craftgwarker, and I have no reason to do any of them, since we don’t celebrate Halloween in Australia!


Also, I have been looking around Pinterest, looking for ideas to jazz up my bedroom, and I saw many cool ideas, but the idea that stuck with me most was the fairy lights. As it is coming up to Christmas, it was fairly easy to get some, and at a cheep price. I got 10 meters for $10 at Woolworths. I stuck mine up with clear sticky tape and its been working really well! (If you use this method use at least 3 pieces!)


(The shadows at the top are my hanging polaroids.)

Hope you all had a great week!



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