Recipes and Exams


Today I decided to post a recipe!


It’s for a…… I’m not sure. It’s a juice I suppose.

Anyway, here’s the recipe.

2 Oranges, no skin

1 mango, including the pip

8 strawberries

½ cup of water

Simply put everything in a blender, adding the water to make it easier to blend.

Then drink!

I also put a portion of mine in the freezer, to make an icy pole.

Hopefully it will be nice!

I drank this while working on exam revision.

To revise, I am writing all my notes again in a separate book, then reading over it.

I am also redoing some of the questions I did in maths.

If you want some more exam help, or are a more visual learner, try this from A Little Birdy Told Me.

It sounds like a really good idea!

Have a great week!



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