Birthday and Christmas Wish List


It’s getting close to my birthday (and to Christmas) so I thought I would make a list and send it to my family and friends so the know exactly what I want..

Theres nothing worse than getting really excited, then disappointed, because you didnt get what you want. So I sought to prevent that!



 13 – All clothing from Factorie

14  Awesomeness gift card  Photojojo 

15  Camera Lens Mug 

16 – Samsung Galaxy Ace 2

17  Flower Lights from Factorie 

18  Penny Board 

19  Phone lens 

20  Skull Storage Jar from Typo 

21 – Chocolate and Strawberry Pocky

22  Ballpoint Pens From Kikki.K 

23  Gift Cards for Factorie, Cotton On and Typo

24  Dreams List From Kikki.K 

25  Beautiful Mess Photo Idea Book 

26  Letters stamp set from Typo 

What do you want for Christmas?



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