To Read List.

Lately, due to the fact that I am now free from school (Yay) I have been in the prosses of adding books to my ‘to read list’.

Some of those on my list are….

Ender's Game (The Ender Quintet, #1)

Enders Game –  Orson Scott Card (because the movie is coming out)

The Perks of Being a Wallflower YA edition

The Perks of Being a Wallflower – Stephen Chbosky

Shatter Me (Shatter Me, #1)

Shatter Me – Tahereh Mafi

Awaken (Awaken, #1)

Awaken – Katie Kacvinsky


Looking for Alaska – John Green

Out of My Mind

Out of my mind – Sharon M Draper

All the Truth That's in Me

All the truth that’s in me – Julie Berry

The Kite Runner

The Kite Runner – Khaled Hosseini

These are just some of those on my list to read these holidays.

Another great site for books to read and great reads is Hey Teen Books Hey.

What books are on your to read list?

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I decided to share some of my favourite music of the moment.

Most are a bit old, but still awesome!

There you go!


Quote Art


Lately, in between studying for exams, I have been doing a lot of art.

I have been doing some quotes, with different fonts.

So, Typography, basically.

Here they are





My favourite is the red one with the Macklemore quote.

What is your favourite?

Also, I have been drawing some pictures for my sister to use in her scrapbook.


I’m pretty proud of it!


Birthday and Christmas Wish List


It’s getting close to my birthday (and to Christmas) so I thought I would make a list and send it to my family and friends so the know exactly what I want..

Theres nothing worse than getting really excited, then disappointed, because you didnt get what you want. So I sought to prevent that!



 13 – All clothing from Factorie

14  Awesomeness gift card  Photojojo 

15  Camera Lens Mug 

16 – Samsung Galaxy Ace 2

17  Flower Lights from Factorie 

18  Penny Board 

19  Phone lens 

20  Skull Storage Jar from Typo 

21 – Chocolate and Strawberry Pocky

22  Ballpoint Pens From Kikki.K 

23  Gift Cards for Factorie, Cotton On and Typo

24  Dreams List From Kikki.K 

25  Beautiful Mess Photo Idea Book 

26  Letters stamp set from Typo 

What do you want for Christmas?


Recipes and Exams


Today I decided to post a recipe!


It’s for a…… I’m not sure. It’s a juice I suppose.

Anyway, here’s the recipe.

2 Oranges, no skin

1 mango, including the pip

8 strawberries

½ cup of water

Simply put everything in a blender, adding the water to make it easier to blend.

Then drink!

I also put a portion of mine in the freezer, to make an icy pole.

Hopefully it will be nice!

I drank this while working on exam revision.

To revise, I am writing all my notes again in a separate book, then reading over it.

I am also redoing some of the questions I did in maths.

If you want some more exam help, or are a more visual learner, try this from A Little Birdy Told Me.

It sounds like a really good idea!

Have a great week!


25 Facts About Me

25 Facts About Me



I made a list for you so you guys can know more about me!

Also, many people have been doing this so I thought I’d follow the trend.

  1. I am the eldest of my siblings
  2. My middle name is the same as 5 of my cousins, and they are all the eldest girls.
  3. My friends and I are part of a (still developing) band.
  4. I take singing lessons.
  5. I previously learned flute
  6. When I believe I am trying to do something, and can’t, the back of my legs get itchy.
  7. I spend an average of 15 hours a week crafting.
  8. I spend about 58 hours a week reading.
  9. The smell of vacuum cleaners gives me headaches.
  10. My favourite season is summer.
  11. I love playing car racing games.
  12. I have been to nine different countries.
  13. I have never been to WA, SA, NT or Tasmania.
  14. My favourite cities are Melbourne, Australia, Singapore and Shanghai, China.
  15. My favourite Tumblr blog is Teenager posts.
  16. My favourite social media site is Pintrest.
  17. My favourite site is
  18. My greatest dream would be to go to Harry Potter world in Orlando, Florida, and visit the Warner bros studio in England.
  19. I also would love to go to Legoland
  20. I recently started riding my bike to school.
  21. My cooking is all right, but I prefer my sisters.
  22. My favourite subject is Art, yet at school I feel like they are keeping me back.
  23. I have literally hundreds of finished projects lying around my room that I have no idea what to do with.
  24. My favourite food is strawberry Pocky.
  25. My favourite camera is the Polaroid camera, followed by any DSLR. Image



Lately, my mum has been urging me to cook more often and so I have been looking online for great ideas. The two best sites, in my opinion, are the recipes at A Beautiful Mess, and the ideas at Style Motivation.

Here are my favourites


Food from A Beautiful Mess


Ideas from Style Motivation

If you want more ideas, or the recipies of these go to the above sites or my Pintrest board for links.

So everyone, have a go! Now you have good reason, cos all these look DELICIOUS!